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ARTVPS has announced the immediate availability of version 0.3 of Shaderlight, its interactive rendering plug-in for 3DS Max.

In Shaderlight 0.3, overall speed has been increased by 100 per cent for complex production scenes, and early image quality of glossy materials and area lights has been improved.

Image resolution has also been increased and the company has added a message window to track log messages during interactive rendering.

Shaderlight is said to deliver productivity and creativity improvements over traditional ray-trace engines.

Intelligent pixels understand where they fit in a 3D image and what to do if something changes, enabling users to change materials, environments, lights or textures – the Melt elements – of a full resolution image at any stage of the rendering process without having to re-render.

‘Prior to v0.3 the Art Professional Material was a test bed for new ideas,’ said Kate Marshall, marketing director at ARTVPS.

‘We have now redesigned it to create a flexible, physically accurate material that’s even easier to understand and use,’ she added.

Several bugs have also been fixed to improve overall stability as well as feature-related bugs such as invisible objects not rendering.

Shaderlight 0.3 is free to existing Shaderlight users and is available to download from the ARTVPS website.

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