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Arun Components has extended its range of miniature audio and DC connectors.

The latest audio products include 2.5mm three-pole switched surface-mount jacks; 3.5mm three-pole through-hole and surface-mount jacks; 3.5mm four-pole surface-mount and through-hole jacks; and five- and six-pole 3.5mm jacks and plugs for moulding.

The DC connector product range is extended with surface-mount EIAJ RC5320A type 1 and 2 jacks and a type 2 through-hole jack.

‘Security camera’ eight-pin micro connectors and ‘Quick Connect’ BNC connectors complete the extended range.

The ‘Quick Connect’ BNC connectors are fully shielded and require the prepared cable to be inserted into the connector and two latches to be closed to complete cable assembly.

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