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Advanced Sensors Calibration has developed the the uniaxial ASC T-151 and triaxial ASC T-153 capacitive sensors for use at very high temperatures.

In addition to their resistance to high temperatures, the products have a high level of shock resistance, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

ASC is expanding its product range with two accelerometers based on MEMS technology (microelectromechanical systems) that work within a temperature range from -25 to 150C.

‘The sensors can even be used briefly at 165C without any damage occurring to them,’ said Peter Bay, managing director of ASC.

Possible fields where the sensors can be used include measurement while drilling for horizontal or vertical drilling, meaning that the measuring unit does not have to be removed during the drilling.

In the automobile industry, the ASC models are predestined for use in components that can become extremely hot, such as the exhaust and brakes.

In addition, the accelerometers open up new possibilities for tests in climate-testing laboratories.

Diverse models with measuring ranges from 2 to 100g are available for selection for various applications.

The accelerometers withstand shocks up to 5,000 G, have amplified signals and low noise, and have a light yet durable aluminum housing.

Customers can have their cables and plugs individually adjusted to their needs by ASC.

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