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Asco Numatics has introduced a range of high quality, high performance aseptic diaphragm valves.

The new valves have applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and life-science markets.

Their enhanced CDSA (circumferential defined sealing angle) design saves time during system cleaning and sterilisation.

The enhanced sealing performance and the elimination of crevices at the diaphragm joint reduces Steam In Place (SIP) cycle times and the time and chemical volume of Clean in Place (CIP) systems.

The new range of valves comprises the KMD, KMA and Steripur styles, all with stainless steel 316L bodies, which feature contoured and streamlined surfaces and are self draining.

The Steripur is a high-cycle piston design with stainless-steel actuator.

Its compact design makes it suited to valve assemblies commonly used in food and beverage applications.

The KMA range features a diaphragm or piston actuator with stainless steel support and is ideal for steam applications.

The compact KMD range has a smooth exterior, making it suitable for washdown applications.

All the valves are available with the option of a hand wheel and optical indicator, as a manually operated alternative to the actuated version.

The range is available in sizes from DN4 to DN100mm (1/4 – 4in).

It can be supplied as a welded assembly, designed to minimise the number of welds, or as a multiport design for mixing and blending applications.

The multiport designs are compact and can be made to a customer’s specific requirements.

All variations are designed to reduce dead legs in accordance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP).

Asco’s aseptic valves are tested and approved to EHEDG document #8.

They feature a circumferential-defined sealing angle which, compared with valves with a conventional seat body, provides many important operational benefits.

These include a lack of dead volume, reduced cleaning times in SIP systems, reduced time and chemical volume of CIP systems and better sealing performance.

A further design innovation is the flexible diaphragm suspension, which extends operating life and provides better sealing performance.

Diaphragms are available in a choice of materials – EPDM, EPDM and PTFE (one piece) and EPDM and PTFE (two piece) – to match the application and all are interchangeable without changing the valve compressor or spindle.

Accessories for the valves include optical position-indicator and stroke limiter, top control box with AS-i interface, mechanical switch for the open position, manual override and support for inductive switches.

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