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The Heise PTE-1 handheld calibrator and the ST-2H bench-top pressure indicator from Ashcroft are specifically designed to meet modern inline or calibration laboratory test requirements.

Each is equipped with features that facilitate common calibration tasks such as setting pressure switches and relief valves and calibrating pressure transmitters and meters.

With the data-logging option, calibration results can be stored for subsequent upload to a PC.

The HQS Quick Select modular sensor system provides interchangeable onboard sensors for both the PTE-1 and the ST-2H in ranges from 0-0.25in H2O D/P to 0-10,000psi, in accuracies of up to +/-0.025 per cent FS.

Onboard jacks measure transmitter voltage and current (mA) outputs, while temperature measurements can be performed through Quick Select interface modules that support RTDs or thermocouples.

With two sensor bays and a twin LCD, both instruments provide the simultaneous display of any two measurements.

For more challenging field-test applications, the PTE-1 handheld calibrator is available in both FM-approved (intrinsically safe for hazardous environments) and CE-compliant EMI-/RFI-immune versions.

Ashcroft Instruments

Over 150 years ago, Edward Ashcroft saw the need for safer, more sophisticated pressure and temperature instruments for use in the emerging steam industry. In response, he introduced a then-revolutionary new Bourdon tube pressure gauge. The rest is history.

Times continue to change and so do the needs of industry. Products manufactured by Ashcroft Inc. have become the benchmark in pressure and temperature measurement and include gauges, thermometers, switches, transducers, transmitters, instrument isolators and diaphragm seals and control and calibration equipment.

Specified around the world for the most demanding requirements, these instruments are widely recognized under the brand names Ashcroft, Heise, Willy, and Weksler. And you can find them in wastewater treatment facilities, biotech and pharmaceutical labs, medical applications, semiconductor facilities, refineries, power generation plants, food processing plants, pulp and paper mills, chemical manufacturing plants and the host of support companies that serve these industries.

Our team consists of experts ready to help resolve even the most difficult applications and technical issues. If you require broader specifications than our standard product line offers, our engineers, technical staff and product marketing specialists can work with you to custom fit the right product to the job. Our customer service representatives are highly trained to answer product application questions, offer competitive product cross-references and work closely with you to help meet your goals.

We maintain an extensive network of field and in-house sales personnel, local representatives and distributors to ensure you receive quick product delivery and service. Along with our “partner” representatives we offer product training and education, facility surveys, calibration services, seal assembly and answers to your application questions.  

Safety is a critical issue, and our instrument audit can improve the safety or your plant. Industry surveys indicate that 20% to 30% of customers’ instruments are misapplied and fail prematurely due to pulsation and vibration, allowing the process media or liquid fill to escape and cause environmental damage or even harm those nearby. Experts from Ashcroft Inc. can help identify areas of concern before they become problems. This important service will help prevent accidents, avoid misapplications and save money and time.  

As the leader in technology and innovation we design new products based on current and emerging market requirements as well as individual customer’s requirements. As the industry leader our “firsts” lead the way with breakthrough new product features and value added benefits for the customer. With our 2005 acquisition by (our longtime sensor partner) Nagano Keiki Company of Japan we now have access to additional engineering expertise and superior, exclusive sensor technology.

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