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Ashgill Electronics, a contract manufacturing company based in Larkhall, Glasgow, has launched a flying probe testing service.

The company has invested in an Acculogic FLS850 flying prober to offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for the small-batch testing of printed circuit board assemblies.

Subcontract flying probe testing is said to be ideal for NPI and low- to medium-volume production runs.

No investment in hard tooling is required and it is suitable for high-density, double-sided assemblies and limited probe access boards.

It has a very high throughput and an unlimited physical board size.

Ashgill is offering flying probe testing as a standalone subcontract service to customers current and new and will supply full engineering support with a hardcopy test report upon the completion of testing.

The company also offers fully automatic SMT and through-hole component assembly, hand population, mechanical box build and warehousing and the despatch of finished goods.

Ashgill Electronics

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