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Ashtead Technology, an instrumentation specialist, has announced that it is offering an advanced selection of forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal cameras for hire within the UK.

The company’s range of thermal-imaging equipment from Flir, an infrared-camera supplier, provides a suitable option for any industry carrying out inspections and heat-loss surveys, including construction, manufacturing, electrical and engineering sectors.

James Carlyle, general manager of Ashtead, claims that a variety of options is essential for thermography.

He said: ‘There are simple applications for which it is only necessary to identify cold or hot spots, so an entry-level device is the most cost effective.

‘However, professional thermographers require greater detail, resolutions and features, such as the facility to take visual images and to record audio notes with the same instrument; mid-level instruments are, therefore, necessary.

‘At the top end of the market, we stock the most advanced thermal cameras available, offering incredible levels of resolution, which is important in applications such as research,’ added Carlyle.

Thermal cameras can be used for heat-loss problems, including solving insulation issues in the building industry or highlighting mechanical problems in machinery, saving time and costs in the process.

Ashtead’s range of FLIR cameras and accessories includes the P-series (professional) range, the B-series (building) range and the I-series entry-level range.

Weighing 0.58kg, the compact I60 is suitable for customers requiring a lightweight thermal camera with many of the features found in high-end imaging equipment.

Designed for easy, one-handed operation, the high-resolution I60 has a temperature range of -20C to +350C and is suitable for small-scale industrial and building inspections.

As a result of its size, the I60 is also suitable for inspecting hard-to-reach machinery and equipment, while its 1Gb memory allows for the storage of around 1,000 radiometric Jpeg images at any one time.

In the mid range, the B360 can be used for a range of applications, including electrical surveys, building diagnostics and mechanical inspections.

The B360 also comes with Flir’s Fusion function, allowing the user to overlay infrared images on the corresponding (non-infrared) image in real time.

With a four-hour battery life and in-camera or in-car charging, the B360 is said to be an affordable and feature-rich infrared camera available to be hired for a range of applications across different sectors.

A similar mid-range camera hired from Ashtead USA was also recently used to inspect badly damaged buildings in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike on the Texas Gulf Coast.

At the top end of the range, the P620 uses the latest version of the ThermaCAM software.

Reports can be quickly created and integrated, while advanced features include a thermal sensitivity of 0.06C, a high-resolution 640 x 480 infrared sensor and a large 14cm LCD display.

It also features a temperature range of -40C to +500C, with flexible viewing and storage options.

Carlyle said: ‘Renting enables customers to avoid the capital cost of buying outright while having access to the very latest and widest-ranging selection of thermal-imaging equipment on the UK market today.’

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