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ASL has upgraded its range of AC bridges with the launch of the F252 as a successor to the F250.

The company’s equipment is used for primary and secondary calibration verification, process monitoring, sterilisation and validation work.

The F252 is said to be the fastest commercial AC Bridge of this precision class and faster than any DC bridge of a similar specification.

It features accuracy to within +/-0.01C (full range) and resolution of 0.001C (0.0001ohm), with a resistance range of between 0 and 400ohm.

It is also the first AC Bridge to be launched with smart-probe capability.

The F252 comes with two channels as standard, but four- and six-channel variations are available, with each channel able to work with up to 72 user-defined probes.

It also offers single, differential and alternative measurement modes.

The F252 is capable of measuring temperature ranges to meet ITS90, CVD, EN60751 and IEC751 standards, and results are delivered via an LCD backlit display with large numeric, statistical or graphical information.

It comes with USB interface as standard, but optional RS232, IEEE or LAN interfaces are also available.

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