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ASM is offering the WS17KT series, a compact cable-actuated position sensor, which is intended to solve position measurement needs from 1.5m to 15m in harsh industrial environments.

At the heart of the WS17KT series is a flexible, stainless-steel cable, which is directly attached to the moving object that needs to be measured.

This cable is accurately spooled as a single layer on a cable drum that translates the linear motion into a rotational motion, which is coupled with a precise hybrid potentiometer that produces an electrical output signal.

An internal spring maintains the cable tension throughout the measurement range.

The 0-1kOhm output signal can be translated into either optional 0-10V or 4-20mA (two or three wire).

The WS17KT series is also available with an absolute, digital synchronous serial interface (SSI) output with up to 16-bit resolution.

The rugged, corrosion-resistant metal housing of the WS17KT series is rated IP64 and can be ordered with an optional IP66 rating.

This compact design is suitable for applications such as material handling equipment, packaging and machine tool applications.

Unlike with other linear measuring technologies, perfect alignment over the entire measurement range is not required with the WS17KT series.

Its compact housing has a smaller footprint compared to comparable models with the same measurement range and quickly installs with only four bolts.

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