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Asocs has unveiled the GSM/GPRS/Edge communication development system (CDS), which comprises of an Asocs MP100 Multicomms processor and a Renesas Technology DRACO3 RF subsystem.

The development system allows handset designers to rapidly prototype combined cellular and internet products.

The RF subsystem from Renesas gives our customers a quick time to market with ASOCS MP100 Multicomms processor-based handsets and handhelds.

The Asocs MP100 Multicomms processor offers high-performance software-reconfigurable modems, low latency air-interface switching, and minimal power consumption enabling user-transparent access to the internet.

Using this processor, handset and device developers can run cellular and Wifi concurrently.

Providing the development systems RF capability, Renesas’ DRACO3 enables a power-efficient, cost-effective quad band Edge radio solution in a compact footprint.

Available for most leading baseband platforms, the integrated DRACO3 RF solution supports dual-mode operation with a flexible HPA architecture.

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