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Aspen Technology has introduced batch process development for the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries to v7.1 of its Aspen-one software.

The additions to v7.1 of the Aspen-one software will help chemists and engineers to accelerate batch process development and reduce manufacturing costs.

The 7.1 release includes a process development console and GUI enhancements that simplify batch modelling processes, ensuring efficient and error-free transfer from lab to pilot to manufacturing.

The release also accelerates process development through improved solubility modelling and reaction modelling integrated with batch distillation.

The 7.1 release of Aspen-one software delivers improved efficiency of chemist and chemical engineering resources in process development – freeing them up to do more experimentation and value-added activity in research and development.

It also reduces the risk of pilot plant batch failure by guiding chemists and engineers to a narrower range of tested process conditions.

The release also supports accelerated product development through faster solvent screening; improved yield; and reduced waste costs by enabling the chemist and chemical engineer to examine more process options in less time and process selection to minimise emissions; and support for environmental compliance reporting.

Other benefits include: reduced time to create pilot plant batch records by automating the generation of the batch record from the master recipe; and a more robust process delivered to manufacturing through a more thorough tech-transfer process.

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