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Aspen Electronics has announced a solid-state viscometer suitable for a wide range of industrial, environmental and process control applications.

The ViSmart is a low-shear, threaded bolt viscosity sensor.

It is based on acoustic wave technology, using a quartz crystal wave resonator in contact with the liquid.

Acoustic viscosity is calculated using power loss from the quartz resonator into the fluid.

The sensor features a wide dynamic range (air to several thousand cP), offers a wide acoustic viscosity measurement range (0 to 400) and requires only 100 microlitres of fluid to take a measurement.

Providing instantaneous and continuous real-time in-process relative viscosity measurement, the sensor can be easily integrated into other instrumentation platforms via the standard USB interface or RS232/4-20mA interfaces by using the optional VisConnect analogue/digital communication module.

Unaffected by shock, orientation, flow or vibration conditions, ViSmart is hermetically sealed and completely immersible.

It has an operating temperature range of -25 to 125C.

No calibration is required.

Aspen foresees a wide range of applications for the ViSmart viscometer, in both portable and fixed instrumentation and machinery markets.

For example, it can be used in process monitoring and control equipment in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, paint, printing and cosmetics industries.

It will prove useful for oil condition-based monitoring needs in large engines and gearboxes, such as those found in large diesel generators in the marine, heavy plant and ground transportation sectors, as well as in wind turbine gearboxes and machine tools.

Other areas of application include oil industry research and the development and production of oils.

The sensors are available from GBP2,000 each in production quantities.

Lead times are quoted as eight to 12 weeks.

Aspen also offers a starter kit, comprising one sensor with software included, plus eight hours of application support for GBP4,400, or for two sensors including software, plus 16 hours of application support for GBP6,500.

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