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Assel has purchased new-generation X-ray inspection equipment by Dage.

Assel’s production manager said: ‘AXI [automatic X-ray inspection] is, of course, used for real-time failure analysis and process quality control, particularly for optically hidden solder points components, such as BGA.

‘On the other hand, it is extremely useful and helpful in controlling and validating various electronic and electro-mechanical components and material, as well as the overall production processes, with OQC as the final stage.

He added: ‘It enables us to discover if the process is correctly maintained from the technical point of view and allows us to make an in-depth glance inside the complete structure of your product.’

Assel, based in Poland, offers superior Contract Manufacturing Services in the areas of Electronics and Electro-mechanics. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of services, including a strong product engineering at the NPI (New Product Introduction) stage, material and component purchasing, complex production capabilities, testing and inspection, as well as integrated logistics and after-sales. Outsourcing your production to Assel leads to greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness and shorter time-to-market. With modern, innovative equipment, a variety of efficient, internal processes, Assel can offer a highly organised manufacturing environment; providing top-quality production, efficient work employment practices and environmental measures.

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