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Time is precious, particularly in control and switchgear engineering where there is always a requirement for some element of manual labour.

With its new VX25 large enclosure system, Rittal is offering tangible installation benefits, thanks to its new, improved functionalities. These include improved accessibility, a greater installation depth, tool-free assembly, clever baying seals, and a completely new base/plinth system.

Most of the improved functions of the VX25 large enclosure system are due to a new frame section which provides better accessibility through all four sides. The outer of the two available mounting levels can now also be directly populated from outside without any additional parts.  This reduces assembly time by around 30 minutes, compared to conventional methods. The same applies to the new option of installing mounting plates from the back, which is a great improvement, particularly when heavily populated mounting plates are being installed. The 20 millimetres of added installation depth then provides more room for manoeuvre in the enclosure for particularly deep installations.

Easy installation of mounting plates
Likewise, its new protective slides are designed to make assembly far easier. Up to now, it had often been difficult to install very heavy mounting plates. Lifting with a crane and the subsequent installation in the enclosure were sometimes very awkward operations. With the VX25, protective slides ensure that the mounting plate can be easily positioned and screwed in place after it has been lowered down by the crane.

Additional mounting level
The new frame section has been cleverly rethought to improve the fit-out of the interior. Because it now offers access from all sides, it also means an additional mounting level has been created. Divider panels and partitions, as well as covers for contact hazard protection, can be mounted directly from the outside on the frame section when the side or rear panel is removed. This creates more space within the enclosure, which can then be used for electrical components.

Tool-free installation
Thanks to the new snap-on handle system, the VX25’s handles can be changed twice as quickly as before. While, for instance, comfort handles used to have to be laboriously removed and later re-mounted with screws, now they are inserted by merely plugging them in; no tools are needed. As a result, assembly time is roughly halved.

Control and switchgear manufacturers no longer have any need to machine the door with its 180° hinge mounting. The 180° hinge can be quickly and easily mounted on the enclosure without drilling, meaning fitting the doors is now child’s play. They are just as easy to remove as they are to attach, and they automatically lock when closed.

Comfortably removing the base/plinth
The base/plinth of the VX25 has been completely rethought. It combines all the elements of the TS and the Flex-Block base/plinth systems, with many new features.  This means all the usual enclosure accessories can be installed in the base/plinth. As well as baying brackets and cable clamp rails, routed cables can be easily and efficiently clamped and fixed via the system’s punched section.  This saves time and money while providing greater reliability.

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