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AssurX has announced the release of its Enterprise Supplier Quality Management (SQM) system.

The AssurX SQM is a web-based solution that provides best practice processes for companies managing and tracking suppliers and contract manufacturers around the world.

AssurX SQM enables total transparency and visibility into the supply chain by enabling the capture, analysis and assessment of quality-related issues and providing traceability and monitoring in real-time across the supplier network.

The AssurX SQM allows companies to: track supplier metrics; immediately report on shortages, late shipments and defective parts; track in-line and receiving issues; manage supplier corrective actions; rate and rank suppliers; collaborate with suppliers to solve problems; and control costs.

AssurX SQM comes with user-configurable built-in dashboards, metrics and ad-hoc query functionality that allows for real-time trending and analysis.

The user is provided with real-time visibility to incoming material, parts, sub-assemblies, or raw material with inspections at the source.

Dashboards and analytics with drill down data enable identification of potential issues and identify potential corrective and preventive actions (CAPA).

Supplier non-conformances resulting from inspections, audits, or other means can be identified and tracked through to resolution.

AssurX has simplified and streamlined an end-to-end workflow for processing all event intakes, reportable and non-reportable.

In addition, unlimited best practices workflows can be added and modifications to existing template workflows can be done with point-and-click configuration.

AssurX SQM integrates with ERP, PLM, CRM, and MES solutions to automate the quality processes and procedures across the enterprise so quality issues originating at a supplier are immediately notified and acted upon.

The SQM system is validated and comes with IQ/OQ validation templates.

AssurX SQM is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for FDA regulated companies.

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