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American Sensor Technologies (AST) has released the AST4000 pressure sensor, which features special configurations for hydraulic pressure measurement applications.

Through the usage of a three-digit option code, the AST4000 series can be modified to withstand a variety of mechanical, electrical and environmental challenges.

The AST4000 uses the company’s proprietary Krystal Bond Technology, where the pressure port is constructed from a single piece of stainless steel.

While other technologies weld or clamp the diaphragm in place, AST machines the pressure sensing element from a bar of high-strength stainless steel.

The stress-to-strain curve of the diaphragm is extremely low, resulting in repeatable results, a high cycle life and long-term stability.

Special packages of the AST4000 are available to withstand pressure transients common to hydraulic applications.

Standard proof pressure capability is two times the rated pressure, but the AST4000 can be specified with a 4x proof pressure.

AST also offers an internal welded restrictor plug.

This will reduce the inside diameter of the pressure port, dampening pressure spikes in the system before they reach the sensor’s diaphragm.

The restrictor plug, also commonly referred to as a ‘snubber’, reduces the overall length, cost and potential leak points in the system.

Available with pressure port threads of NPT, SAE and metric configurations, the AST4000 pressure sensor can be installed in virtually any manifold or system.

The AST4000 pressure sensor features an all-stainless-steel housing welded to the sensing element to protect against environmental conditions.

Whether installed outdoors or on equipment that experiences high-pressure washdown conditions, the electronics of the pressure sensor are protected from water, dust or moisture penetration with cable or connector configurations.

A range of output signals is available on the AST4000 series.

For long transmissions, the sensor can be packaged with a 4-20mA output signal.

Voltage output signals are available for applications requiring low current consumption.

The 10mV/V output signal is also commonly used in hydraulic applications requiring a fast response time.

For customers looking to monitor pressure transients, the millivolt output signal provides a bandwidth of (3dB): DC to 5kHz minimum.

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