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Aston Martin, a sports-car manufacturer, is using the Ubisense precise real-time location system in its daily production operations at its headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire.

The Ubisense system enhances offline finishing processes through the analysis and optimisation of each process, ensuring its efficiency at all times.

Its tags are attached inside the windscreen of the cars as they begin their offline finishing processes.

From that moment on, Ubisense Process Tracker gives production engineers complete visibility of each Aston Martin as it progresses through the facility.

The tags are only removed when the car is dispatched to sales.

Using a web browser, a production engineer can locate any car on a map and watch its progress in real time.

He or she can also view a log of which process steps a car has been through and the time spent in each step.

An alert is raised immediately if a car deviates from the process.

The system operates over a standard network and is managed day to day by internal Aston Martin production employees.

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