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Coiler will introduce the Atom AT-2200 Residential 3G Repeater at the 2009 Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 16-19 February.

The AT-2200 eliminates expensive site-maintenance costs associated with traditional coverage-extension methods for small indoor areas.

It also eliminates the need for major network modifications and rollout strategies, associated with the deployment of femtocells.

The AT-2200 amplifies off-air signal, removing the need for ADSL connection and making it suitable for countries where ADSL penetration is low.

It is cheaper and quicker than femtocell technology.

It provides safer networks for operators and ensures optimal positioning of the repeater at all time through AGC, isolation detection and auto shutdown functions.

The AT-2200 ensures operators can expand their UMTS networks safely.

It offers 60dB of gain and UL/DL power of +7dBm.

It combines an integrated service antenna and an additional antenna extension port to enable convenient and flexible system extension and a plug and play installation.

The AT-2200 allows operators to generate increased revenue by extending the coverage and data-transmission capabilities of their clients.

It provides signal at home.

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