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Atego has launched Atego Exerpt 2.2, the latest version of its requirements data synchronisation software tool.

Atego Exerpt 2.2 improves requirements synchronisation performance by up to 30 per cent compared to previous versions and also includes enhanced productivity features to improve the requirements data synchronisation process.

Based on the proposed OMG Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF) standard, Atego Exerpt provides a means of automating large-scale requirements distribution in real-world projects.

It provides an environment for requirements interchange both across departmental and enterprise boundaries and between heterogeneous data repositories.

It ensures that requirements are communicated between all project stakeholders, then processed and acted upon.

‘By improving the exchange of requirements between different tools and tool versions, Atego Exerpt enables concurrent design for systems of systems, reducing time to market,’ said Hedley Apperly, Atego’s vice-president of product and marketing.

‘It also reduces the number of expensive late changes caused by out-of-date requirements, improving quality and productivity,’ added Apperly.

In order to meet the individual needs of the different design disciplines involved in the development process, the Variant Specification Exchange function in Atego Exerpt 2.2 now supports multiple views of the same design element as individual requirements specifications rather than as a single specification.

Atego Exerpt 2.2 automatically recognises them and updates accordingly.

Exerpt 2.2 now generates an ‘Exchange Summary’ document for each export, which provides a graphical view of the requirement exchange specifications and traceability as well as textual details about the specifications and their structure.

The Exchange Summary enables partners receiving an exchange archive to assess its contents and plan the import/update process.

Atego Exerpt’s Difference Report, which describes the differences between the imported files and the requirements stored in the requirements management tool, now provides a hyperlink for IBM Rational Doors to the corresponding requirement affected by the change.

Additionally, Atego Exerpt 2.2 can now create a ‘Change View’ for each updated module and append an additional attribute to the module containing the changes to the requirements.

For the audit entries generated by Atego Exerpt, the audit trail view has an additional pane providing shortcuts to important data in the audit record.

For an export audit record, the shortcut pane provides direct access to the exchange archive and the generated exchange summary document.

For an import audit record, the imported exchange archive is provided as well as the Difference Report that describes the differences between the imported files and the requirements stored in the requirements management tool.

Atego Exerpt 2.2 also includes a Replication Maintenance Utility, which enables company-wide replication setups to be configured and replication data to be maintained, so it is now possible to execute periodic cleanups on the replication data.

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