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International legislation has dictated that by 2010, oil companies must offer fuels with a minimum of 5.75 per cent biofuel content.

This means petroleum-product suppliers must be able to accurately and efficiently blend ethanol and fuel.

Blending biofuel products at the load rack reduces the dependency on multiple storage-tanks, maximises flexibility by creating variable product load arms and eliminates many issues associated with storing biofuel based products.

Honeywell Enraf’s Micro-Blend System mixes ethanol with petroleum products at the load rack, which will help oil companies meet incoming legislation.

Ethanol is an octane enhancer that has to be accurately added to the product, but getting the ethanol into the blending terminals is just as important an application as taking out the finished product.

To help its customers optimise tanker offloading, Honeywell Enraf has developed a range of offloading/blending skids employing Axflow’s ATEX-certified Blackmer sliding vane pumps.

These skids enable users to offload ethanol and, if required, add denaturant to the ethanol at the point of tanker offloading.

Depending on the customer’s use of the skids, up to four Blackmer pumps are employed on each skid, with 2in pumps for blending in denaturant and two 4in pumps for offloading ethanol from trucks into storage.

The Blackmer positive displacement vane pump draws all the liquid from the truck and pushes it into the terminal.

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