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G 7-15 range oil-injected screw compressors coverimage

April 12th, 2021Atlas Copco’s latest G2-7 models are now the smallest, oil-injected rotary screw compressors in the company’s professional portfolio. Designed to replace the current GX2-7 range, boost productivity and lower operational costs, they are an unrivalled low-cost solution for small companies, workshops and operations with an infrequent air demand that are looking to expand their compressed air applications

Typical application industries as diverse as woodworking, small-sized manufacturing, CNC operations, car wash bays, spray painting, clothing presses, automotive repair shops – all rely on a source of compressed air as an essential utility to aid their activities.

G 2-7 series – family – G2 – G3 – G4 – G5 -G7.

That is why the all-new G2-7 belt-driven, fixed-speed compressor family has been designed from the outset to provide quiet, efficient, powerful, and reliable performance within its five-model range. The 2.2, 3, 4, 5 and 7.5kW machines, each powered by an IE3 motor, are available at working pressures of 8 and 10 bar(e) with an output capacity range of 6.1 – 16.4 l/s (22.0 – 59.0 m3/hr).

Rotary screw air compressors deliver more air per kW of power compared to reciprocating compressors of the same size. That is why the performance of the

G2-7 smaller rotary machine, compared to its piston equivalent with the same output, can make a significant contribution to energy savings and therefore lower cost of ownership.

In addition to overall energy efficiency, the G2-7 compressors offer multiple benefits compared to other compressor technologies. These features include low noise output, lightweight and small footprint for point-of-use, plug and play installation.

G 7 FF TM – G series oil -injected screw compressor tank mounted with refrigerant dryer – G 2-7 series – coverimage

As well as simplified maintenance procedures and zero loss of capacity, the new compressors also offer 100% reliable, continuous operation 24/7 at temperatures of up to 46 degrees C, without the need for frequent cool-down periods required for a piston compressor. Furthermore, an extremely low oil-carryover of less than 5 ppm into the delivered air protects tools and end-product quality.

While keeping operational costs at a minimum, thanks to its IE3 premium-efficiency motor, the G2-7 compressor’s belt-driven, state-of-the-art, low-vibration screw element greatly reduces vibrations, resulting in near-silent operation. Noise levels are minimised to as low as 61 dB(A) allowing installation close to the point of use with no additional sound insulation requirement or the need for separate compressor room siting.

G 2 Oil-injected screw comperssor Floormounted G 2-7 series

Monitoring and control is made easy with the compressor’s Elektronikon® Base unit that provides easy, intuitive control. Its icon-based display provides pressure settings, outlet temperature readings, running hours/hours working at load. The controller also features service warnings and visual alerts to help safeguard performance and reliability.

Thanks to its overall outstanding energy efficiency, the G2-7 does not just reduce operating costs but also minimises the users’ carbon footprint, contributing to a greener workplace environment.

Available either as floor-mounted or tank-mounted models with different sizes of air receiver available, the new G2-7 range can be tailored to customer-specific requirements with a range of options. These include food-grade oil, RSXD oil, a DD filter, aftercooler, and a tropical thermostat. In addition, optional equipment can include an electronic water drain (EWD), a timer drain, and an anti-condensation kit.

Full feature versions of the compressors are available with a fully integrated refrigerant dryer to ensure the supply of dry, quality air without taking up extra production space.

Overall, the new generation of Atlas Copco G2-7 workplace units offers high-end features and performance at down to earth, low initial investment capital and TCO running costs. Innovative solutions that tick all the boxes that matter most to smaller enterprises: guaranteed reliability, economic performance, and ready availability of the unit of choice. 

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Atlas Copco Compressors is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient compressed air systems and industrial gas generators. In the UK the company has a nationwide sales, service and distribution network to support compressed air and industrial gas users in all industries. Our product portfolio includes oil-free air compressors, oil-lubricated air compressors, air blowers, nitrogen and oxygen generators; air treatment equipment such as dryers, receivers, and filters, as well as pipework. We provide parts and service for any brand of air compressor and we can advise on energy efficiency, system optimisation and connectivity solutions.

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