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Atlas Copco has launched a new and improved range of breathing air purifiers, the BAP(+). The footprint has been reduced by 30%, making BAP(+) purifiers smaller than other units on the market. They now include CO & CO² reduction as standard, while still delivering as much flow as previous models.

Atlas Copco breathing air purifiers play an essential role in hazardous applications, ranging from shot-blasting, tank cleaning, tunnelling, pharmaceutical manufacturing, spray painting, offshore/marine processes, asbestos removal, high-pressure cylinder filling, and many others. 

Announcing the expansion of the range, Andy Lill, Business Development Manager, Quality Air at Atlas Copco Compressors UK said: “The BAP(+) breathing air purifiers provide optimum performance, increased reliability, reduced purge loss and lower pressure drop with simplified maintenance.”

Designed from the outset for quick plug-and-play installation, the new BAP(+) units combine the functions of water separation, contaminant filtration and desiccant drying. They absorb asphyxiant gases, converting input air of any quality into an ultra-clean breathing-quality air supply for operatives within a diverse range of industrial and manufacturing process applications. The nine-model range, with operating pressures of 4 to 13 Bar G, offers flow rates spanning volumes from 12³ to 142³ litres per second.

The upgraded BAP(+) breathing air purifiers comply with a wide range of standards and regulations to ensure that the breathing air is free from fumes, oils, vapours, gases, solid particles and micro-organisms. These include the European EN 12021& European Pharmacopeia standards as well as, OSHA Grade D, NFPA-99, CSA Z180.1-00, CGA G7.1-1997, ISO 14971, OHSAS 18001, and other International Breathing Standards.

Lill commented:We developed the BAP(+) breathing air purifiers with a high level of capability to guarantee universal compliance and to help employers provide a safe working environment that protects operatives’ health.”

Each compact BAP(+) unit features seven vital functions: a water separator that removes any liquid water, a bulk aerosol filter to eliminate oil and water content, a  fine coalescing filter to remove even smaller particles of oil and water from the supply, plus a new desiccant dryer to take out any remaining water.

Air purity is assured by an activated carbon filter, with a 12-month service life, to remove gaseous impurities, while an integrated catalyst takes care of CO, and a bacteria filter eliminates micro-organisms and fine particles.

Measures to reduce pressure drop and achieve better flow distribution in the units include the integration of a single upstream UD+ filter to replace the original 2-filter configuration. In addition, they include desiccant dryers featuring re-designed top and bottom manifolds with oversized air channels, and an innovative direct-acting magnetic 3/2 valve concept to replace the original shuttle valve.

Requiring maintenance only once per year, the purifiers’ service has been simplified by features such as easy access to nozzles and check valves.

Optional features available across the new BAP+ range include Purge control, to save up to 90 per cent of purged air, a QDT indicator to monitor oil saturation and an O2, CO & CO2 sensors.

Standard compressed air is generally insufficient to ensure consistent breathing air quality, so it is essential to carry out regular air quality tests. A breathing air quality test can be booked with Atlas Copco.

For more information please contact:

Joanna Canton Long, Marketing Communications Manager, Atlas Copco Compressors

+44 (0)1442 222240 or

Chris Butcher, Account Director, Publitek

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Atlas Copco Compressors

Atlas Copco Compressors is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient compressed air systems and vacuum pumps. In the UK the company offers a nationwide sales, service and distribution network and specialist compressed air advice and service to UK compressed air and vacuum users. Our product portfolio covers oil-free air compressors, oil-lubricated air compressors, centrifugal compressors, high-pressure compressors, vacuum pumps, blowers, engineered air and gas compressors, nitrogen generators; air treatment equipment such as dryers, receivers, and air line filters, as well as aluminium pipework for compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen and other gases.

Atlas Copco Compressors is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient compressed air systems and industrial gas generators. In the UK the company has a nationwide sales, service and distribution network to support compressed air and industrial gas users in all industries. Our product portfolio includes oil-free air compressors, oil-lubricated air compressors, air blowers, nitrogen and oxygen generators; air treatment equipment such as dryers, receivers, and filters, as well as pipework. We provide parts and service for any brand of air compressor and we can advise on energy efficiency, system optimisation and connectivity solutions.

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