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Atollic Truestudio is based on the Eclipse IDE framework and includes a C/C++ compiler and debugger for the ARM cores, as well as a C/C++ compiler and debugger for Windows PCs.

A target-specific project wizard generates embedded projects automatically, with dynamic adaptations for the board or microcontroller derivative to be used.

In some cases, a full device driver library is also generated automatically.

Modern software engineering practices promote testing algorithms in isolation from other factors, such as the embedded hardware platform.

Atollic Truestudio contains an ARM compiler and debugger, as well as an x86 compiler and debugger.

Developers can do initial development and testing in a familiar PC environment before moving code modules onto the embedded system.

The built-in debugger contains all execution control features from a contemporary solution with features such as complex code and data breakpoints, browsing of complex data types, register and visualisation.

Truestudio supports JTAG debug probes from many third-party suppliers and also includes a CPU instruction set simulator for ARM9 targets.

It has been designed to support multi-developer, multi-site team collaboration and integrates GUI clients for many popular version-control systems and bug-database systems.

Most version-control system features can be accessed from inside the C/C++ environment.

GUI clients for many different bug databases (such as Trac and Bugzilla) are fully integrated into the C/C++ IDE.

Truestudio supports end-to-end applications development rather than just the code development portion.

It incorporates requirements capture, design, architecture and documentation using the UML modelling language directly into the IDE.

Truestudio includes a number of integrated graphical diagram editors for most of the UML diagram types, such as class diagrams, state-machine diagrams and message-sequence charts.

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