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Symmetricom’s SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) is suited for portable applications requiring precise synchronisation and time keeping in GPS-denied environments.

Applications include dismounted IED jammers, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), next-generation man-pack radios and military handheld GPS units, as well as geophysical sensors.

The CSAC is said to provide the accuracy and stability of atomic clock technology while delivering improvements in size, weight and power.

It is available in standard and military temperature-range configurations.

It is 16cc in volume, weighs 35g, requires 115mW of power and provides time accuracy two orders of magnitude better than the higher-power quartz-based solutions it replaces, such as oven-controlled crystal oscillators and temperature compensated crystal oscillators.

Makers of underwater sensors have used the CSAC’s low power consumption and increased stability to greatly increase mission duration.

Users who rely on military GPS systems have found that the CSAC has the stability to maintain synchronisation, even during long GPS outages, and that it also enables rapid signal reacquisition.

Its small size and low power consumption allow them to get these benefits even in manpack systems.

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