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The AP114 is a ISP/JTAG Programmer offering In-System programming and testing for JTAG compatible devices, with optional Boundary Scan software.

The interface is designed to handle industry standard JAM STAPL and SVF (Serial Vector Format) files to send programming instructions as well as testing functions to the device.

The AP114 uses the JTAG Standards, which ensures compatibility between all compliant ICs.

Dual-port headers support a range of standard applications with JTAG pinouts, including Altera and Xilinx.

Custom connectors can also be accessed with the supplied configurable cable.

The SVF and STAPL(JAM) Players play JAM, JBC and SVF files.

JTAG support is also supplied for FPGA Serial Configuration PROMs.

The optional Boundary Scan Test software is aimed at the diagnosis and debugging of complex PCB assemblies containing single or multiple embedded devices.

With an additional cable assembly, the AP114 can be used to debug the Jennic JN5148 ZigBee Wireless Microcontroller when used with software supplied by Jennic.

The AP114 also works as a portable out-of-system programmer for eight-pin EEPROM and SPI Flash devices, with a built-in power supply from 1.8 to 3.3V.

Supported by ApPC, the fully flexible graphical user interface can be user customised for development and production environments or a corporate profile, and has a fully customisable menu text and messaging facility.

Standalone and ISP programming is available for SPI, I2C and Microwire serial EEPROMs, as well as SPI Flash.

Plug-in adapter pods support a range of package options for standalone mode optional software plug-ins available or in development for a range of non-JTAG ISP devices, which includes Altera EPCS and Xilinx config SPROMs, Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR and other Microcontroller families.

Software runs under Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista.

The programmer is RoHS compliant and CE approved and is powered from the USB Port.

Dimensions are 83 x 52 x 16mm and weight is 200kg (8oz).

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