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Elma Electronic’s Systems division has brought out the conduction-cooled ATR 6U VPX platform, which provides environmental protection while allowing optimal cooling.

Elma’s conduction-cooled ATRs feature a machined card cage that accommodates wedge locks to transfer heat from the boards to the machined platform walls within the integrated card guides.

Special grade aluminium joined by a dip-braising process for the chassis parts ensures the best conductivity of the payload.

The COTS manufacturing approach for the ATR platform meets multiple MIL-STDs.

Elma’s design techniques meet MIL-STD 810, 461, 167, 901 and 704.

The 6U VPX platform meets ARINC 404A, ARINC 600 and IEEE 1101.2 specifications and accepts 6U VPX boards compliant with VITA 46.x.

The ATR platform features a MIL 38999 power connector with an integrated line filter; the power supply and line-filter combination is optimised to meet MIL-STD 461E and the aluminium dip-braised construction meets MIL-STD 810F for shock and vibration.

The MIL-grade components qualify the ATR platform to meet harsh military applications, specifically avionics applications.

The new lightweight ATR platform is ideal for applications where a lower weight is crucial.

The -40C to +70C operating temperature range, combined with cooling optimised via thermal simulation studies, allows for exceptional thermal performance.

Additional backplane options for the seven-slot conduction-cooled ATR platform include VME/64X, cPCI, VXS, MicroTCA and custom backplanes.

The platform also features fixed-mount devices, a 28V DC PSU input and top-load card orientation.

All removable covers are equipped with captive screws.

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