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ATS Applied Tech Systems has released ATS Inspect v5.3, the latest version of the company’s visual quality operations management software.

ATS Inspect V5.3 is claimed to be particularly important to users that need variable data collection and SPC.

It is also being adopted by the nuclear and other power industries.

New modules have been developed and are now available in ATS Inspect v5.3.

Inspect’s Variable Data Collect allows operators to record Critical-to-Quality characteristics such as lengths, diameters, temperatures, voltage or weight.

Statistical process control charts are also now available for real-time data analysis.

Form Composer can be used to create fully customisable layouts for the Data Collect module.

An intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get designer and scripting possibilities allow for extensive customisation of data collection screens.

The Data Archiver data management tool allows users to remove historical data from the Inspect database and store it on a separate file.

According to ATS Applied Tech Systems this will free up online resources and increase the analytical speed of production systems by reducing the amount of data in the system.

The Service Manager module allows system administrators and other IT/technical resources to configure, manage and monitor communication processes and services for external systems that send information to and from Inspect.

It manages the configuration of the .NET version of Inspect Communication Services and will eventually replace Inspect Enterprise Manager.

There have also been enhancements to improve existing functionality.

Acting on feedback from the shop floor, the radius at which a defect can be selected in Data Collect and Auditor can now be modified, making it easier to select.

A question can be cloned and modified so that it appears in more than one category of the same checklist.

A question can now be included in an entire product group as well as in individual products.

In order to speed up the start-up process for Data Collect and Auditor, instead of loading all views when logging in, there is an option that will allow them to only be loaded when they are required.

In cases where the operator does not require a detailed image on which to highlight faults, the size of a view can be reduced to speed up the image-loading process.

There have been several updates incorporated to make the information needed during the design phase more easily accessible where the user needs it most.

For example, when looking at layouts associated to stations, the screens contained in the layout are now also shown.

There have also been improvements to the real-time updating of information on the shop floor.

When an existing checklist question has been modified, or a new one added, it can be made instantly available on the production line at the touch of a button.

ATS is the independent solution provider for industrial, process and information technology users world-wide. We provide products and services for all three levels of the automation pyramid: control, execution and information.  

ATS is an innovative, strategic knowledge partner offering numerous areas of expertise such as:  

  • Control technologies
  • Programming languages
  • Communication and networks
  • Databases
  • Manufacturing execution systems
  • Non contact and contact dimensional measurement systems
  • Data collection systems for both variable and attribute data  

Since foundation in 1986, we have developed these business activities, specifically designed to support the full lifecycle of automation, quality and IT systems:  

ATS software development

ATS’s professional knowledge of industrial and process automation is easily spotted amongst our software developers. If standard solutions are not right for your project then it’s time to ask our software developers to “fill the gap”. As well as custom made solutions we develop ATS software products. In both cases we use high level programming languages and embedded software.  

ATS products

ATS Products brings together a range of ATS and third party partner products emphasising our expertise in communication & networks and total solutions. We have been distributing first class hardware and software products world-wide since 1986.  

ATS measurement systems

ATS, in conjunction with ASI DataMyte, design, manufacture and assemble contact and non contact measurement systems for the manufacturing industry. Our team of highly qualified design and integration engineers work with our customers to provide turnkey measurement solutions using either inductive transducers or, camera & laser-driven systems where non contact measurement is required.  

ATS data collection systems

ATS has a wealth of experience with its attribute/visual data collection systems. Our ATS Inspect Software is revolutionary in its application whereby defects can visually tracked with a view to eradication. Our SPC Software solutions are varied with both flat-file based and full SQL Server databases supported. Our experience and products are used extensively throughout all industrial sectors adhering to the TS16949 and 21CFR Part 11 rules.  

ATS projects

ATS delivers projects from system design to full implementation, roll-out (globally if required) and final user acceptance with flexible training packages and 24/7 service level agreements. ATS frequently works closely with customers as a strategic partner and preferred supplier. Standardised project methodologies lead to efficient, repeatable implementations locally or globally.  

ATS training

We offer standard training and custom made courses for maintenance, engineering or information management. Our courses are designed especially for your industry, making use of our professional training facilities. Our qualified trainers all have practical, professional experience and know-how to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Training can be given on-site, regionally or in one of our training centres. ATS issues officially recognised diplomas and training vouchers.  

ATS consulting

ATS consulting specialises in advising automation strategies. ATS Consultants share industry best practices, lean manufacturing thinking and pragmatic experience with customers to optimise production and business processes. Technology, supplier and product independency combined with a focus on our customer needs leads to optimal system design and product advice.  

ATS on-site support

Providing knowledge and extra capacity to companies for short and long term projects, as a strategic partner both locally and globally. The work place is your choice. Our professional engineers can work at your company, at one of our development centres or on-site for commissioning projects.  

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