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Aucad Drafting has released the second version of Image2Punch Pro, CAD software for generating perforated pattern designs based on virtually any digital image.

This upgrade offers several enhancements in its graphical user interface, improvement in its computing performance as well as features in designing perforated patterns.

Image2Punch is used by professional architects, turret punch machine owners, industrial designers, signage technicians, street furniture manufacturers, lighting designers and CNC programmers.

The available pattern types in this version include square, 45-degree and 60-degree, and have been enhanced by adding circular and spiral pattern.

The angle pattern has also been improved and the user can choose an angle pattern from 15 to 75 degrees.

Users can now determine the relationship between image size and perforated panel size by choosing ‘stretching option’ or ‘proportional option’.

The statistic report format has also been improved.

A light version of Image2Punch Pro, called Image2Punch Lite, is also available for those who need to generate perforated metal designs but do not want to use Image2Punch’s full capabilities in the Pro version.

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