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Trolex has introduced the TX6851 and TX6852 audio-visual high-intensity flashing alarms with integral loud audible warning for use with sensors and monitoring systems.

Intended for heavy-duty applications, the new alarms are said to exceed the output performance of conventional alarms, using the latest light-emitting-diode technology to combine a high-intensity 100Lm light output with an extra-loud audible warning sounder for wide-area alarm coverage at a consistent peak output.

The TX6851 has a flexible cable connection for direct fitting onto housings and OEM applications; alternatively, it can be directly mounted onto a Trolex gas detector as a fully integrated safety monitoring system.

The TX6852 junction box allows the alarm to be mounted on structures or heavy machinery.

Available for general-purpose use or intrinsically safe for M1 and 2G hazardous areas, the advanced circuit ensures that peak alarm power output is always maintained, even when powered from an intrinsically safe power source.

The alarm processor accepts analogue on and off input signals to create a rising and falling system within industry standards but without the expense of further technology.

The audio-visual alarms can be used with Trolex products for a variety of applications.

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