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Infineon Technologies has launched its Audo Max range of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) for automotive power-train and chassis applications.

The Audo Max range supports the design of engine management systems meeting the strict Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards for combustion vehicles and enables the electrification of power-train functions in electrical vehicles.

Key features of the Audo Max range include: maximum clock frequencies of up to 300MHz; high-speed interfaces such as Sent and Flexray; and support for advanced safety engineering by using the Pro-Sil features of the devices.

The new MCUs are suitable for use at temperatures of up to 170C.

The Audo Max range is based on the Tricore processor architecture and is manufactured in 90nm process technology.

Peter Schaefer, vice-president and general manager for MCUs within the automotive division at Infineon Technologies, said: ‘The 32-bit MCUs of the Audo Max family provide very high-performance and real-time capabilities.

‘Two devices in the family, the TC1793 and the TC1798, operate with clock frequencies of up to 300MHz, making them 66 per cent faster than their predecessors, which were clocked at 180MHz,’ he added.

For internal combustion engine control applications, Audo Max devices are used to calculate the best fuel-air mixture as well as to determine the optimum fuel injection and ignition timing for each cylinder individually.

The safety features of the Audo Max devices support design efforts to deliver higher levels of safety in both power-train and chassis electronics, such as continuous damping control.

The Audo Max range is suitable for controlling the automatic transmission within an X-by-wire vehicle.

Infineon also offers a bare-die version of Audo Max that can be operated at ambient temperatures of up to 170C, making it ideal for automatic transmission applications.

Other features of the Audo Max range include its consequent hardware and software scalability as well as its backward compatibility to its predecessor range, Audo Future, which is already used in many automotive motor control systems.

Schaefer continued: ‘Whenever there is a transition from one platform to the next one, we need to keep design efforts for the systems supplier as simple as possible – a fact which has always been important with all our automotive electronics ICs including Auto Max.

‘In applications ranging from low-end three-cylinder motors to standard four-cylinder and high-end eight-cylinder engines, Infineon’s Audo Max products always offer the best price-performance ratio,’ he said.

The TC1798 single-core MCU can be driven at 300MHz.

All Tricore derivatives in the Auto Max range benefit from the strength of the Tricore architecture in the execution of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms.

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