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Auma has launched the Generation .2 multi-turn actuator range (SA 07.2 – 16.2) and actuator controls (AC 01.2), which will be ready for order and delivery from the first quarter of 2010.

Designed to cater for existing market needs as well as next-generation requirements, capabilities include the integration of field devices into asset management systems.

The company has introduced a number of enhanced features and has expanded the functionality of its range.

Peter Malus, product manager for the actuators, said: ‘The new Generation .2 devices, both actuators and controls, are fully compatible with our previous products.

‘Mechanical enhancements improve positioning accuracy, the output speed range of modulating actuators and the extension of the expected actuator lifetime.

‘These advancements are backed by improved corrosion protection.

‘One focus of development was to improve device handling; as a result, the hand wheel is now activated with one hand by simply pressing a button, valve connection is more flexible and a newly designed electrical connection facilitates the linking of cables with large cross sections.

‘Operation is made easier by a new, enlarged and illuminated graphic display.

‘The display texts are shown in plain text, available in a wide range of languages.

‘Graphic display features are provided, such as torque curves.

‘Operation, setting, diagnostics and the memorisation of all actuator data is facilitated wirelessly via the Auma PC Toolsuite,’ he added.

The status signals of the AC 01.2 controls are classified in compliance with NAMUR recommendation NE 107.

Consequently, the plant operator receives clearly interpretable signals from the actuators and all other field devices and new diagnostic features of the actuators are supported.

Temperature/vibration sensors and applied torque recordings are used to continuously monitor all parameters, which contribute positively to the actuator’s life.

If an actuator is operated outside the specified operating conditions, for example with an impermissible high number of starts, the plant operator receives advance information enabling appropriate action to avoid malfunction.

In line with Auma’s previous products, the new controls are available with different fieldbus interfaces, including the Profibus DP interface with V2 services.

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