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Austriamicrosystems has introduced two products to its high-performance audio product range.

The AS3501 and AS3502 ICs enable the design of receive path active noise cancelling devices to provide high performance and low power consumption.

The AS3501 is suitable for feed-forward noise cancellation and the AS3502 enables active noise cancellation for feed-back solutions where the microphone of the system is acoustically close to the loudspeaker.

Both ICs operate from a single 1V to 1.8V supply and combine true ground headphone amplifier stages with flexible noise-cancelling architectures, reducing the typical bill of materials by at least 60 per cent.

Internal user-definable register settings allow different device configurations, which lead to differentiation and flexibility for a broad end-product portfolio.

The devices operate in either stand-alone mode, ideal for accessories, or embedded mode, suitable for integration into music players and other portable multimedia equipment.

The high level of integration implies PCB area is reduced by at least 50 per cent compared to competing solutions.

The optimised system architecture enables a power consumption that increases battery life.

‘By effectively reducing the external noise, our AS3501 and AS3502 active noise cancelling solutions improve the dynamic range of the sound playing through the headset, implying you can listen to conversations and music with improved clarity without having to turn up the volume to unreasonable levels,’ said Oliver Jones, marketing manager audio, Austriamicrosystems.

The AS3501 and AS3502 are able to provide up to 34mW in single-ended mode and more than 100mW in BTL into 16ohms loudspeakers from a 1.5V supply.

The devices offer this performance together with the ANC function and still guarantee superior sound quality, ensuring >100dB SNR and

In addition, a calibration solution removes the need for manual intervention during the manufacturing process and improves field reliability, avoiding challenges typically encountered in today’s best in class solutions.

The AS3501 is available in a 24pin 4mm x 4mm QFN package and the AS3502 is available in a 32pin 5mm x 5mm QFN package.

Both are suitable for operating environments ranging from -20C to +70C.


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