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Tascomp, developers of Prodigy Scada software, has announced an exclusive agreement with Autoclaves to supply Prodigy into the industrial autoclave market.

Autoclaves, based in Bingley, UK, is a supplier of new and refurbished industrial autoclaves.

The company serves a range of industries including high technology aerospace and automotive companies involved in composites manufacturing.

The company recently identified the need for upgraded control software for new and existing autoclave installations.

After undertaking in-depth research into the available options, Autoclaves selected Prodigy software for its cost effectiveness and track record for autoclave control.

Autoclaves made use of Prodigy Fast-Track Development to speed system development, allowing the first installation to be completed within six weeks of initial contact.

Fast-Track Development is a special service for users that have a real application and would like help in developing a Prodigy-based solution.

By combining Prodigy developer training and project development, under the guidance of an experienced engineer, new users finish training with their first project well on the way to completion.

Autoclaves is the latest of several companies to use the Tascomp OEM software program, which is based on Prodigy Scada and its facilities.

The use of flexible licensing allows custom licenses to be created that closely match these facilities with the OEM application.

This means that OEMs do do not pay for facilities they will not use.

Licenses can be purchased in bulk and activated as and when they are needed.

The OEM software program also allows custom development of any level of specialised functionality that may be required.

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