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Conveyor Systems (CSL), an automated handling and logistics company, has invested in 3D modelling software from Autologic Systems.

CSL will use Demo3D software to expand its design capability to accurately model any proposed conveyor system and demonstrate the performance of complex materials-handling systems.

The Senior Proposals Manager at CSL reported: ‘Demo3D…

provides an excellent communications tool, enabling us to demonstrate to clients realistic models of materials handling and manufacturing systems, allowing them to evaluate proposals in real time.

‘It enables us to provide significantly more detailed information about a system and reduces the risk of any possible ‘grey areas’ in the design process – particularly in areas such as throughputs and product classification by highlighting potential problem areas.

‘The software enables CSL to accurately simulate and predict the behaviour of a system, while also allowing us the flexibility to quickly change weights, material and frictional properties of products being handled.’ They added: ‘The visuals can also be customised to incorporate the client’s own conveyor profiles, colours and textured finishes in order to provide a very realistic concept of how the final system will appear.’ The software allows CSL to reduce the time taken to design and construct a working model by easily linking individual modules within a system.

It is also possible to demonstrate specific parts of the system and, where necessary, quickly and cost effectively make changes to the specification.

High-resolution images and video clips can be taken from the model, presented to the customer and used to support internal communication and training.

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