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Marshall Manufacturing uses automated manufacturing cells designed by its in-house engineering team, each one capable of machining its own specific range of tube diameters and lengths.

Typical core tube materials include ABS, Polysulfone, Noryl, PVC, CPVC and stainless steel.

Individual cell capacity can be as high as 650,000 pieces annually.

Marshall has been machining ‘Core Tubes’ for the filtration and the reverse osmosis (RO) industries for more than 30 years.

Core tubes are designed by customers for use in a variety of industries and applications, including water purification, petroleum grading, removing alcohol from beverages, separating water from fruit juices, desalination and so on.

Marshall’s tube cell capabilities include machining both ends of the tubes.

Features that can be generated include: turned and/or bored diameters, chamfers, grooves, multiple rows of drilled cross-holes, abraded surfaces, slots and specific overall lengths.

Outside diameters range from 0.5in up to 4in.

Overall lengths are typically held to +/-0.030in, but can be held tighter if the application requires it.

Tighter tolerances require temperature-controlled inspections because the overall length can vary significantly at different temperatures.

For example, a 40in-long ABS tube will grow 0.002in per degree of temperature increase.

Size, location and geometry of other machined features are held to standard CNC-controlled tolerances.

The efficiency of the cells is created by automation specific to the product.

Robots and multiple work centres are used with little operator intervention.

The key to the cells is the cross-hole drilling work centre.

Marshall’s cells can generate multiple holes simultaneously.

A typical core tube may require 160 holes per tube.

Marshall has designed tooling, fixturing and processes that can drill all required cross holes in a few seconds.

The company said it can design drills specific to an application that will generate thousands of burr-free holes without drill wear.

Additionally, Marshall Manufacturing is equipped to provide a wide range of complex precision machining services for just-in-time programmes in medium to large quantities.

It can provide its customers parts seven days a week on a Kanban programme as needed.

Services include complete CAD/CAM capabilities, CNC Swiss machining, Wire EDM, CNC horizontal and vertical milling, CNC turning, precision small diameter tube and rod bending, multiple spindle hole drilling, polishing, stamping and part finishing.

The company incorporates advanced manufacturing techniques such as integrated machine operations, robotics and cell manufacturing.

Marshall Manufacturing is currently certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

Marshall Manufacturing

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