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Bollfilter has launched an automatic filter system to protect plant and machinery from the risk of damage from solids contamination.

The Boll 6.72 automatic filter is designed for the filtration of particulates from heavy fuel oil and lubricants for mobile and stationary diesel engines as well as coolants and wash water in automotive industry machining and part washing processes.

Manufactured by Boll and Kirch, a European manufacturer of automatic filtration systems, the 6.72 is designed for efficient operation, low maintenance and high performance.

The Boll 6.72 filter incorporates a number of improvements in both design and function.

The new housing is more compact, reducing the space required for installation, and its enhanced design, with fewer moving parts, is claimed to improve durability and reduce maintenance.

Perfect synchronisation of the back-flushing process, by means of a double-acting air/flushing valve, makes the self-cleaning process more efficient, according to the company.

The Boll 6.72 filter is available in three sizes – DN40, DN65 and DN80 – and comes with a choice of filter element types.

Back flushing can be controlled by differential pressure or time, with filtration down to 6um.

All sizes are available with a manual standby unit connected by the 6.72.1 model: a two-stage, three-way valve.

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