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Automation Anywhere has released the latest version of its desktop automation software for business processes and IT tasks.

Automation Anywhere version 5.5 adds email automation, a terminal emulator, secure FTPs, Microsoft Exchange Server reporter, bulk edit capability and an enhanced web recorder to the list of features available on its predecessor.

Automation Anywhere 5.5 is compatible with a variety of applications, including Microsoft Office, Firefox, DOS command prompt, Java Application and Applets, Telnet, Unix Shell and many others.

‘Automation Anywhere 5.5 saves time and money spent on performing repetitive tasks and increasing process reliability and speed, while diminishing human errors,’ said Mihir Shukla, chief executive, Automation Anywhere.

Automation Anywhere’s software caters to users at various levels of PC familiarity, from individuals with a home office to IT professionals.

It permits users to automate without writing code.

Wizard-based tools allow the most complex tasks to be automated.

All Automation Anywhere products are designed to be scalable, allow for segmented implementation and are adaptable to a broad range of needs.

Automation Anywhere is powered by a Smart Automation Technology, which executes automated tasks across multiple machines, allowing for variations in systems, application loading times and internet speeds.

Automation Anywhere is also available in a Server Edition that allows users to develop complex automation processes and simultaneously provide centralised security, user management, collaboration, deployment, backup and other benefits of a server.

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