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Geomagic has introduced Geomagic Qualify 11, the latest version of its computer-aided inspection (CAI) software, featuring an Automation Designer that accelerates the creation of new inspections.

John Lockhart, product manager for Geomagic Qualify, said: ‘The most demanding inspections can be designed and automated within minutes using Automation Designer, thanks to its drag-and-drop visual interface.

‘There’s no need for macros or any special programming.

‘When something changes in an inspection workflow, be it the reference model or additional analysis that the user wants to perform, they can easily edit the process they have already designed.’ Automation Designer in Geomagic Qualify 11 lets users define multiple reference-models and inspections in a single file.

This makes it easy to switch between different as-designed models and inspection routines to visualise ‘what-if’ scenarios and to experiment with different nominal geometry.

The Migrate Automation Wizard allows existing inspection processes to be easily transferred between reference models for re-use when part-designs change.

Users simply load the new part and transfer their inspection steps, then Migrate Automation Wizard guides them in resolving areas of the inspection process that need further attention.

Geomagic Qualify 11 also includes options for constructing new features that enable users to simulate tab and slot alignment and define midpoints.

Geomagic Qualify 11 and Studio are built from the same core technology, ensuring consistency among shared functions and file compatibility between the two applications.

Geomagic Qualify 11 ships with 32- and 64-bit editions on the CD.

It supports English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages.

Customers with active maintenance can download the Qualify 11 upgrade from Geomagic’s portal.

Geomagic Qualify 11 will make its public debut next week in the Geomagic booth at Control 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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