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In the middle of the recession, Danish deep-drawing company C and K Johansen decided to develop an automation system with AP and T that would improve the flexibility and efficiency of its production.

C and K Johansen produces a large number of different parts in small and medium-sized series for several different customers, often on short notice, meaning flexibility is a decisive factor of success.

The manufacturer’s new equipment from AP and T was in place in January 2011.

Two existing hydraulic presses, which had up to that point been run manually, formed the point of departure – one at 500 tons and one at 1,000 tons.

Both of the presses are now fully automated and can be used separately or together.

Both can perform one or more press operations depending on what type of part is to be produced and have been set for quick tool changes.

The blank feeder can cope with sheet metal up to 1,500 x 1,500mm with thickness up to 10mm, a feature that only C and K Johansen can offer on the Danish market.

The greatest flexibility, however, has been provided by the four-axis Speedfeeders that move blanks and parts to and from the presses.

As well as moving forwards, backwards, downwards and to the side, four-axis Speedfeeders can also spin around.

Each has a lifting capacity of up to 100kg.

All of the operations in the production process, from blank feeding and lubrication to finished pressed product, are quick and efficient, which is another important prerequisite for a high level of productivity.

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