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Autoflex Xtraform, a film insert moulding (FIM) solution developed by MacDermid Autotype, is being used by vehicle manufacturers to create high-quality piano black components in their new car lines.

By utilising a hard-coated film, components can integrate colour, lens and back lighting with a smooth surface similar to a piano.

By using Autoflex Xtraform, the designer can have all of the above and design freedom in respect of geometry because it is formable.

The formability is achieved by making the hard coat UV curable.

After the film has been printed and cut, it is formed to shape.

After this stage the film is UV cured to fully activate the hard coat properties.

Using this process, geometries can be achieved with the material that would be impossible with a traditional hard-coated film, said MacDermid.

The product is a formable hard-coated polycarbonate film available in 180u-250u thickness with a gloss finish on both sides and a green protective ‘Peelmask’ layer on the hard coat surface.

Autoflex Xtraform has been designed specifically for film insert moulding (FIM) applications, enabling the creation of deep drawn, complex parts that offer maximum scratch and chemical resistance, alongside weathering performance that conforms with the requirements of automotive interior trim specifications.

Its receptive print surface enables Autoflex Xtraform to be processed with a wide range of FIM screen printing inks, including high-quality class metallic finishes and the Aquatex FPH range of texturing varnishes.

MacDermid Autotype

MacDermid Autotype is a world-leading industrial manufacturer of coated films and blended liquids for use in the printing, automotive and electronics industries. Founded in 1868, Autotype draws from its wealth of history embracing leading-edge technology combined with exceptional applications to help support its customers to succeed.

For over 140 years we have been leading innovators of high-quality precision coated films. Our product ranges include overlay films for membrane touch switches, stencil products and cleaning chemicals for screen printing, products for film insert moulding (FIM/IMD) and graphic display films.

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