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Autoscribe has announced the release of a new version of its Feedback management system.

Feedback allows the registration and management of customer complaints, and compliments and comments on staff and products can also be stored in the system.

Additionally upon registration of the complaint, the system can be automated to generate tasks, assign tasks/product testing and e-mail or fax alert key staff/management.

Management reports and key performance indicator (KPI) charts can be created to indicate trends such as total complaints and complaints per product.

Optionally, checks can be made to highlight customers registering frequent complaints or frequently complained about products/tasks.

Interactive, flexible sorting of data provides rapid answers to questions maintaining good customer relations.

KPIs allow management to easily visualise and assess key data and to assign target completion dates.

The software is available as an out-of-the-box product, as a module of Matrix Gemini LIMS (Autoscribe’s laboratory information management system) or as a fully configurable version where screens may be designed to suit end-user requirements.

Feedback’s configuration tools automatically build screens for client/server and for the web browser and Citrix, delivering the same user experience however they access the system.

This reduces the effort required to deploy, maintain, validate and train the product while allowing for a mixed web/desktop deployment suited to the end-user environment.

Systems may also be implemented as a hosted/managed web service environment for global deployment with minimal effort required by the end-user site to maintain the system.

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