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The autumn 2010 issue of newsletter from the UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) Special Interest Group of the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association is now available for download.

Published twice a year, the newsletter contains an interesting mix of comment, members’ news, training course information, technical tips and application stories, as well as an up-to-date directory of UKIVA members.

This issue highlights the diversity of capabilities and expertise that UKIVA members have to offer end users, OEMs and systems integrators.

Featured application stories include the synergy between solar-cell manufacture and the use of solar-cell technology in high-dynamic-range machine-vision cameras, and the use of 3D imaging by optometrists for accurate measurement of a customer’s face for the manufacture of spectacles.

Two vision-guided robotic applications cover the placing of a foldable plastic spoon into caps used in milk-based fast foods, and the automation of vial and syringe filling in the pharmaceutical industry.

Other applications featured are the identification of bolts used in wind turbine manufacture to ensure the application of the correct tensioning, and checking that the correct frame material has been selected during plastic window manufacture.

Technical tips include overcoming power management controls inherent in laptops and PCs, which may affect the apparent bandwidth of USB and Firewire cameras, and using a lighting controller to get the most out of LED-based lighting.

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