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Avalue’s box PCs present rigidness, fanless operation and complete expandability and are able to satisfy demands in industrial fields as well in extreme environments.

The rugged PCs adopt Intel Atom low-power-technology processors.

The EPS-AT270 system can withstand industrial operation environments between -15C and +60C.

The computer can withstand extreme environment conditions and temperature variations depending on the location or region it is placed or used in.

An aluminium housing design helps dissipate the heat quickly with its extensive surface.

The fanless BMX-S Box PC Series provides thermal solutions.

Product reliability and stability are certified by industrial product quality tests, including anti-vibration (continuous vibrations) of up to 5Grms and anti-shock of up to 50Grms.

These conditions include using computers in industrial equipment and machines such as lifting gantry and forklifts.

The computer can also withstand tremors when it is being used on land transportations such as trains.

Avalue’s PCs come with USB, COM, PCIe, PCI, Express Card and GPIO.

These features meet a range of multi-equipment industrial control serial port connectivity usages; the Express Card slot connects to GPRS and other wireless networking devices.

The expansions can cope with the versatile connections demanded in industrial fields, according to the company.

High portability and solid mechanics facilitate applications such as industrial automation, digital signage, gaming machines, entertainment and industrial control and vehicle system applications.

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