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Aveva, a provider of engineering design solutions for the plant, power and marine industries, has released the first 64-bit versions of its visualisation and design communication technologies.

Designers can now take advantage of the increased processing power of the latest 64-bit computers to create highly detailed and navigable 3D design visualisations of even bigger and more complex capital projects in the plant and shipbuilding industries.

Aveva Review 12.1 is an established application for 3D design communication; it creates high-quality, photo-realistic renderings of 3D models that can be used by all stakeholders in a project to carry out design review and analysis for various purposes.

It features animation capabilities for model fly-throughs and object manipulation so that operations such as equipment replacement may be simulated, can handle a variety of third-party CAD model formats, including as-built laser scans, and can stream its output across normal internet communications for effective multi-site collaboration.

Review 12.1 is now available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

It provides a number of functional enhancements; for example, 64-bit technology increases the size and detail of model that can be handled and facilitates navigation.

The application also features enhanced model streaming; streaming enables large model files to be viewed over internet connections.

New features in both versions add useful capabilities such as dimensioning, view clipping and part picking in views combining both streamed and non-streamed models.

Review 12.1 also provides a display of the master co-ordinate grid used in ship design.

This enables a user to determine the absolute positions of features in the 3D view.

Another feature is increased customisation; extensions to the API provide users with access to Review’s lighting and animation controls and the ability to create custom add-ons to tailor the application to particular working methods.

Wavefront (.obj file) export is now included as standard.

This enables Review models to be passed to third-party visualisation applications for purposes such as creating complex video sequences.

Aveva Reviewshare 1.3 is a complementary product to Aveva Review.

It extends the power of 3D visualisation to meet the need for an informal design communication tool for resolving day-to-day design issues.

Reviewshare consists of a server application for streaming 3D model content to emailable documents viewable in a freely available reader/editor application.

Reviewshare documents contain embedded links to navigable 3D model views, which can be marked up and commented on by recipients to create an auditable record of design communication.

Reviewshare 1.3 is now also available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

According to the company, 64-bit technology provides similar benefits to those of Aveva Review 12.1.

In addition, both versions include a number of functional enhancements; for example, a function providing export to Microsoft Excel enables Microsoft Office tools to be used to manage and report on Reviewshare message threads.

There is now an increased level of control over the access of Reviewshare documents.

This allows this relatively informal design communication tool to be used effectively in more formal, controlled workflow environments.

Reviewshare 1.3 is delivered free with Aveva Review.

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