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AV Technology (AVT), has completed a noise and light emission assessment for Prosafe, an owner and operator of semi-submersible accommodation/service rigs.

The awarded contract detailed that AVT was to review and make recommendations related to noise, vibration and light levels on its Regalia accommodation support rig that was due for a major refit before a move to the Valhall field off Norway’s south coast.

Vessels entering Norwegian waters are expected to comply with the appropriate Norwegian standards, particularly the NORSOK standards, developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry, which stipulate noise level controls in accommodation.

The process involved identifying the best ways for Prosafe to reduce the noise levels in the cabins, then demonstrating the effects of these recommendations.

The instrumentation used included specialist equipment to measure existing noise and vibration levels, acoustic performance as well as post-construction trials at sea.

Early interventions during the rig’s design process by AVT’s team of consultants allowed Prosafe to make necessary modifications in the internal and external areas of the rig, prior to the installation of the new 380-bed accommodation block.

The initial baseline measurement was conducted by AVT when the Regalia was operating in UK waters.

Although there were no major problems, the investigations did confirm that there were some areas where noise treatment was needed.

A detailed report using noise and vibration contours mapped out existing noise levels.

From this, AVT could advise on the acoustic insulation requirements for the internal and external partitions.

Further recommendations were made by AVT during the production of the individual cabin units.

AVT’s involvement extended to Rotterdam once the rig had been transported.

Acceptance tests were performed along with light surveys and once again, the team advised on some compulsory adjustments before the rig could be successfully stationed.

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