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Structural monitoring equipment from engineering consultancy AV Technology (AVT) has assisted with the lifting stage of an upgrade project for the Cutty Sark, a historic clipper ship based in Greenwich.

The consultancy was chosen by SH Structures, which was responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of all the steel work on the project.

AVT provided instrumentation to measure and monitor the structural integrity of the Cutty Sark — which is due to be reopened in spring 2012 — during the lifting phase and subsequently during next six months of conversation.

The monitoring system enables AVT to collect data on the load distribution within the 280ft (85m) structure in order to ensure that it is not subjected to high stresses at critical points during lifting as well as to ensure the long-term stability of the frame and the supporting props.

The AVT team installed a strain-monitoring system comprising 96 strain sensors to monitor loads in the metal frame and the supporting props and tie rods that hold up the 800-tonne ship.

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