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Advanced Vision Technology (AVT) has supplied its Printvision/Orion automatic inspection solution for folding-carton, single-pack applications to the Stratus Group.

Currently, Stratus Group is using the Printvision/Orion solution to automatically inspect individual die-cut package blanks for one of their pharmaceutical clients.

The system is installed for post-press and die-cutting, inspecting each package prior to gluing.

Orion uses both established and new AVT automatic inspection and quality assurance technologies.

The system is designed to enable printers to inspect all the blanks just before they are folded and glued on a folder gluer and sort out blanks with print or post-print defects including defects in character areas, colour variations, mis-registration, missing print, registration, and die-cut and creasing faults.

Orion will eject defective blanks while collecting and stacking the good ones to a shingle conveyor or a high-speed blank stacker.

The Printvision/Orion system is designed to integrate in the folding-carton production floor to best fit different workflows and applications.

The system offers a full upgradeability path so that configuration can be upgraded or changed in the future as needed.

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