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AVX has introduced the TCR Professional Series tantalum chip capacitors with conductive polymer electrodes, which are designed for use in high-power DC/DC converters employed in telecommunications, industrial and avionics applications that demand high-reliability and long-lifetime performance.

The capacitors are subjected to AVX’s maverick part control Q-Process with statistical screening and process control enhancement to ensure the removal of any components that may experience parametric shifts through customer processing or display instability through life testing. As such, the series exhibits high standard reliability of fewer than 0.5 per cent failures per 1,000 hours at 85°C and rated voltage with 0.1Ω/V series impedance.

According to AVX’s Mitch Weaver, the TCR Professional Series will provide power electronics engineers in the telecommunications, industrial and aviation industries with a range of robust tantalum chip capacitors carefully screened for quality and proven to exhibit high reliability and stable electrical parameters, including low ESR and DCL, over long operational lifetimes.

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Key features and specifications

  • TCR Professional Series capacitors feature a robust mechanical design with conductive polymer electrodes that offer a benign failure mode under recommended use conditions.
  • The capacitors exhibit stable electrical parameters, including low ESR and DCL (0.1CV standard, 0.05CV on select codes), over long operational lifespans at temperatures ranging from -55°C to +105°C.
  • TCR Series capacitors are compact, surface mountable, compatible with 3x reflow at 265°C, pick-and-place ready and RoHS compliant.
  • Currently, two TCR Professional Series capacitors have been released: a 10V, 68µF part and a 16V, 47µF part. Both exhibit a ±20 per cent capacitance tolerance and a DCL of 0.1CV and are housed in an EIA 2917 case with a height of 2.90mm. 
  • TCR Professional Series tantalum chip capacitors in three additional case sizes (EIA 1210, 2312 and 2917 with a height of 4.10mm), five additional voltages (20, 25, 35, 50 and 63) and capacitance values spanning 0.47µF to 100µF are currently under development, as are parts available with a DCL of 0.05CV. 
  • The capacitors are packaged with pure tin terminations on 7in or 13in reels; however, tin/lead terminations are available upon request. Lead time for the series is 12 weeks.

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