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Dashboard technology from Solarsoft is providing AWA Bathrooms, based in north London, with more accurate and timely management information.

By implementing Solarsoft Dashboard technology, the distributor of bathroom products is now able to analyse key performance data at will.

The new graphic software will provide fresh insights into the business, enabling managers to make better decisions faster according to Solarsoft.

AWA recognised that its management reporting was taking too long to complete and did not provide the clear and comprehensive overview of profits and costs that the business required.

Fred Colborne, financial director, said: ‘The previous system we were using had a traditional report writer that was limited in its capabilities and was extremely time consuming.

‘Since implementing the Dashboard technology from Solarsoft, we can access data far more quickly than before and the reports are always up to date.

‘With just few mouse clicks, Dashboards let us analyse past transactions, inspect current activities and make “what-if” forecasts about where the business is heading.

‘Using this information, we can target sales and marketing campaigns to help improve turnover and we can see which product lines contribute most to growth and profitability.

‘The Solarsoft solution has transformed the way we perform our day-to-day activities.

‘The ability to drill into a report on screen means that we are always confident that the information is accurate and can be tied back to our ERP [enterprise resource planning] system,’ he added.

According to Colborne, the software has saved the company vast amounts of time spent creating and maintaining reports, many of which were rarely used.

‘Previously, the IT manager would have to write, test and deploy every single report,’ he said.

‘Each report could take an hour or more to prepare; with Dashboards, it is all done at the click of a button,’ added Colborne.

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