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Sterling-SIHI’s Flash Cooling system was so effective in helping Soreen Bakery almost double its loaf production that it won the company an award at this years’ Pump Industry Awards.

Sterling-SIHI won the ‘Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects’ prize at this year’s Pump Industry Awards, held in Coventry on 23 March 2011.

It came about when Sterling-SIHI were commissioned to replace an entire vacuum system on-site at Soreen, eliminating the existing cooling-water system for effluent treatment, cooling and maintenance reasons.

Hygienic and quiet operation, without acoustic hoods, was also deemed necessary by the bakery in order to promote an open and hygienic environment that could not harbour bacteria.

The project was installed, delivered, and producing vacuum 100 per cent on time within the four months given.

Success of the installation has been measured on a number of levels.

For example, the site now produces almost double the amount of loaves with less production and storage defects.

To date, the vacuum system has experienced more than 30,000 cycles without problems.

The new vacuum system is estimated to produce 24-million loaves of Soreen within just one year.

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